Water Treatment Plant/Pump House

  • The plant is level three certified
  • We have three employees that are taking shift 24 hours a day 7 days a week
  • We have two employees with level one and one with level two certification
  • This plant is the main plant that distributes to the 380 Mainline clients, numerous Community Buildings and also to Pump House reservoirs
  • Pump house has two reservoirs the has storage of treated water from the main plant that services the HBO and Chief & Council office

Sewage Treatment Plant

  • The plant is level two certified
  • We have two employees on staff taking shift work
  • Currently we have a level two certified employee
  • The plant release treated influent on daily
  • Influent flows through all 3 aerated cells and chemical is fed into the #1 and #2. The treatment process initiate by the treatment system on/off levels on cell #3
  • Treatment system averages turning on 3 times a day and releases influent on a average of 600-1000m3

After entering inlet chamber the influent gets pumped to a mixing tank which divides the flow to 2 sand filters(up flow) and enters a UV lamps channel before entering the treated discharge chamber then discharges to the lake

Phone: (204) 359-6325
Fax: (204) 359-6080

Waster Water treatment plant operators

Phone: (204) 359-6433
Fax: (204) 359-6433