E.M.S Office

Mission / Vision / Values:

To serve the Community by protecting life, property and the environment through prevention, education and fire protection services, to provide optimum emergency and non-emergent pre-hospital care to the Community. Our vision is to enhance the quality of life of residents of the Community by embracing community interests, needs and concerns for a safe and healthy environment, and to protect lives. Both Fire Protection and EMS operates as an “on-call” basis 24/7.

Phone: 204-359-4400
Fax: 204-359-4782

Emergency Medical Services

  • Established in April 1998, fully Licensed Provincial Ambulance Service.
    • First established as an EMR Level (Basic First Aid)
    • 2007, Paramedic training was brought into the Community sponsored by Manitoba Health and the Burntwood Regional Health Authority. Graduated 7 Paramedic (NHCN Members), since then been operating an Ambulance Service at a Basic Life Support Level

Fire Protection:

  • Operated as a non-professional Fire Department until in 2005 Fire Fighters gain Level 1 Certified Training.  4 Firefighters are currently certified.
  • DNR provided training in level one Wild Land Firefighting.  13 Firefighters are currently Certified
  • Training and equipment were purchased to establish specialized rescue training in:
    • 2006 – Vehicle Extrication
    • 2009 – Ground Search and Rescue
    • 2010 – Surface Water Rescue
    • 2010 – Surface Ice Rescue
  • 2006 – NHCN purchased its second state of the art Fire Truck.
  • 2011 – NHCN purchased a second hand Ambulance retrofitted and used as a Fire Support Vehicle. Equipment:
  • Two (2) Ambulances (New 2010)
  • Located @ Paupanekis Point Rd