Parks and Recreation Division

Mission Statement

NHCN Parks and Recreation will provide recreational, cultural, educational and development opportunities to the community through the delivery of physical, social and traditional programs in a safe and healthy environment.

Statement of Values

  • We believe in demonstrating good leadership skills and good role modeling.
  • We believe that volunteers are an essential and valuable resource.
  • We are sensitive to the ideas and suggestions of the people we serve.
  • We encourage and promote the benefits of recreation.
  • We believe in good sportsmanship and fair play is essential to healthy growth.
  • We care about the people we serve.
  • We are committed to delivering positive recreation programs and active living.
  • We are committed to delivering positive education, training and employment for our youth and young adults.
  • We respect, honour and promote the traditional lifestyles of our community.
  • We encourage and support community groups in becoming independent.
  • We believe in an open interactive and supportive community network.

Norway House JR. B North Stars


  1. To provide annual sport oriented programs to meet the needs of our community of all ages.
  2. To enhance and/or develop community members’ social skills through the implementation of community gatherings, team building and special events.
  3. To acquire and provide training and education opportunities for the community in the areas of recreation, youth leadership, science and technology.
  4. To promote and provide annual traditional special events, activities and celebrations through recreational activities and tourism.
  5. To promote, support and participate in partnership with community resources.
  6. To promote, educate and deliver a clean, safe and healthy environment for the community of Norway House.

For further information, please contact

Phone: 204-359-4729
Fax: 204-359-4751

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