Playgreen Development Corporation

Norway House Cree Nation Playgreen Development Corporation is an operation whose main focus is on Construction & Maintenance. Our operations include the following:

  • The supply of assorted rock materials
  • The supply of redi-mix concrete
  • The supply of Diesel Fuel
  • Vehicle Maintenance and Repair
  • Vehicle Safety Inspection Station
  • Provide Equipment Rentals with an operator

Just like all other departments of the Norway House Cree Nation, Playgreen Development Corporation has its responsibilities when it comes to Construction and Maintenance. These responsibilities include the following:

  • Maintaining accessibility to the Molson Lake Road
  • Maintaining accessibility to the Garbage Dump
  • Maintaining all internal roads during winter months which includes dragging, plowing, and sanding
  • Servicing and Repairing all Water and Sewer Trucks as they come in
  • Servicing and Repairing all Emergency Vehicles as they come in
  • Servicing and Repairing miscellaneous equipment and vehicles for internal departments upon request

However, our main focus is to bid on contract jobs which involve Construction and Maintenance mainly to create temporary employment for our people. Since becoming a legal corporation and recently receiving our COR certificate, we are now able to bid on contract jobs outside the Norway House Cree Nation which exceed $100,000.00.

Mission Statement

Our main goal is to provide the best of our services possible to the community.

We’ll continue to search for jobs to create jobs for our people.

We’ll strive to do the best we can in the field of construction and maintenance.

Either, WE do it right or WE make it right!


  • Our main goal is to provide the best of our services possible to the community and be successful contract bidders on outside and inside work with Manitoba Hydro, Manitoba Infrastructure & Transportation and Government Services, as well as other companies as sub-contractors, to generate revenue for the Norway House Cree Nation.
  • As a construction company, we are responsible for maintaining all internal roads within the Norway House Cree Nation, as well as the Molson Lake Road.
  • During the winter months, we are also responsible for snow removal, grading and sanding of public parking lots, driveways, and internal roads for the Norway House Cree Nation. We also build and maintain the Island Lake, and Oxford House winter roads.
  • With a certified Concrete Field Testing Technician on hand, we strive to provide a certified concrete mix design to our clients.
  • Provide the best mechanical service for our water and sewer contractors at a moments notice.
  • The number of PDC employees varies from season to season and ranges from 20 employees to 30 employees.

Phone: 204-359-6362
Fax: 204-359-6647