Kinosao Sipi Business Development Corporation

Phone: 204-359-6721
Fax: 204-359-6080


All staff of Norway House Cree Nation & Kinosao Sipi Business Development Corporation strives to work to their full potential and strive to enhance and strengthen our Community by providing assistance, direction and leadership to the Manager’s of the enterprises owned by the Norway House Cree Nation.

The goal of NHCN/KSBDC is to ensure the continued growth and success of the Business Development Corporation.


In the past 18 years NHCN/KSBDC has expanded the number of Business services in the community. Norway House Cree Nation is known and seen as a progressive Community. Norway House Cree Nation Chief & Council are always seeking new ways and opportunities to further develop. To achieve this goal NHCN has established many working and partnership relationships.

Norway House Cree Nation believes in self-reliance and sustainability through economic development. The MHCN A/Chief & Council has demonstrated responsibility leadership and ensured proper and effective management for the operations.

The following businesses have been established for the community:

  1. Kinosao Sipi Multiplex
  2. Kistapinanik Mall
  3. Kinosao Sipi Ininew Waskahikan (KSIW) 333 Maryland, Winnipeg
  4. Medical Bus Transportation
  5. Molson Lake Lodge
  6. Norway House Broadband Inc.
  7. Norway House Dental Clinic
  8. Norway House Entertainment Centre
  9. Norway House Pharmacy
  10. Norway House Funeral Home
  11. Playgreen Development Corporation
  12. York Boat Inn / Diner