ORANGE GAUGE (Medium Caution) May 23-June 11, 2021
1. Norway House Cree Nation offices open 3 person limit everyone is
required to sign in and have a temperature check. Fully vaccinated people
will not be required to sign in and do a temperature check.

2. Stores Frontier School Division, Day Care and Head S tart and churches will continue to operate according to provincial guideline s at the approval of
their head office/Diocese.

3. Anyone who was in contact with a positive COVID case or has tested positive must stay in isolation for the full 14 days under the management
of Public Health.

4. People will not be allowed to attend funerals wakes, weddings, or any large gatherings OUT OF TOWN (unless they agree to isolate for 14 days)

5. Travel to communities, cities or any region may be restricted when there is evidence of rising numbers of positive Covid-19 cases until such time the risks are determined to be at low levels. This will not just include decreasing numbers, but evidence of that community compliance to their restrictions.

6. Roadblock on PR #373 – Travel in and out of Norway House is based on essential reasons, please refer to the approval process and guidelines to travel for further information.
Due to the rising numbers of variant cases in Winnipeg, travel south is restricted to the following:
• Medical referrals only
• Childcare/custody arrangements
• Employment (Approved Meetings) and Education/Employer approved training

• All eye and dental appointments must be done in the north
• Anyone who is not vaccinated and must travel south for those reasons must self-isolate for 14 days upon return.
• -required to isolate upon return.
7. Fully vaccinated people can use their proof of vaccination cards for travel ONLY for essential reasons as outlined.
they have passengers they either must have proof of vaccination cards or have completed travel forms to present at the border

8. No indoor sporting events will be allowed at this time

9. No gatherings will be allowed at this time until positive cases are recovered

Fully vaccinated means 14 days after the second dose. Do I still l need to go into isolation if I’ve had both m y vaccine doses?
If you have been identified as a close contact you are not required to self isolate if you have received both vaccine doses, provided that:

– You have no symptoms and it has been more than 14 days since your 2nd dose
– You do not live in a health care ( Long-term care home) or congregate setting and
– You do not have a medical condition that could compromise vaccine effectiveness and this will be on a case by case basis.
You should self monitor for symptoms of Covid 19 for 14 days following any exposure