2019 NHCN Community Service Announcement

On September 3 2019 a community walk was held and a meeting concerning NHCN community safety. There were three motions passed unanimously at the Norway House Cree Nation community awareness meeting held in Norway House Cree Nation on September 3 2019. These motions were passed in order to contiunue to ensure a safe environment for our community and membership.

  • Motion passed: To enforce the current curfew. Any band member under the age of 18 must be in their place of residence by 10pm
  • Motion passed: To enforce a three strike rule to any band members causing and/or creating a disturbance at their current place of residence. Upon third notification residents will be removed.
  • Motion passed: To enforce and evict band members proven to be dealing/selling/trading drugs/alcohol or controlled substances from their place of residence. Residents will be removed.

The above motions have been passed by the community supported by NHCN Chief and Council and will be enforced by the Norway House Division of the RCMP.

For more information please contact:
Norway House Cree Nation P.O. Box 250 | Norway House
Manitoba | R0B 1B0 | Tel: 204.359.6721